Blockchain application scenarios

Blockchain technology application overall solution

Blockchain payment

Use efficient matching algorithms to solve the payment problem of blockchain scenarios and increase the value of digital currency circulation.

Blockchain mall

The new mall transaction system builds multi-faceted use scenarios of digital currencies and builds stable transaction currency values.

Blockchain Exchange

Currency trading system, fiat currency trading system, minute-to-second settlement contract, one-click order fast trading.

Blockchain pet

Based on blockchain technology, players collect and breed specific pets, and can breed and trade.

Blockchain plant

Plant cultivation based on blockchain technology, multiple interactive modes, to meet the needs of play and transactions.

Blockchain agriculture

Effectively reduce the cost of agricultural production and circulation, trace the origin of agricultural products, and transparent agricultural information.

Core technology of blockchain

Introduce you to the blockchain technology used in the development process

Smart contract

Supports information transmission, verification, and execution of smart contracts. To improve transaction transparency and transaction efficiency. At the same time, we can edit or change according to specific needs, reducing the loss caused by code vulnerabilities.

Encryption Algorithm

Apply asymmetric encryption algorithm to realize two keys for encryption and decryption, and authorize whether the specified related information is public.

Privacy settings

Set the read permission, and only the information authorized by the user can be publicly obtained. Greatly protect the privacy of users and avoid the danger of information leakage.

Consensus mechanism

Supports voting through nodes, completing transaction verification and confirmation in a short time, increasing the transaction rate and reducing the investment of human, material and financial resources.

Block record

The block record is to set different processes according to different needs of the user to record the important fields. Record the information to ensure the authenticity of the transaction.

Block browsing

Develop a block browser to query the transaction data on the blockchain through the input parameters. Including name, age, transaction time, and contract.

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